About Us

As the name of the limited liability company implies, MONIVET s.r.o. is a combination of the names of two companies that have been active on the domestic as well as the international market in the area of solid log house construction for many years. Nevertheless, the professional manual construction of solid wood structures with the aid of traditional technologies was not the only driving engine. The main reason for the foundation of the company was the growing competition and the demand for log structures on the domestic market. Not everyone, however, prefers to live in a house built by hand from raw solid logs. Moreover, many senior building officers, who decide on whether a log house fits the local scenic character or not, often condemn it and reject the client's building permit application without actually realizing what they are talking about. Only because they do not understand or favour this type of genuinely green structures, which have a minimum impact on the environment both in terms of their life span and method of construction. Naturally, our attitude towards the environment and wood differs and we should not look at these people with resentment. Nonetheless, architecture has no limits and over the years of my practical experience with building log houses, I have never seen a house that I would not like or that would not fit into its surroundings.

The above reasons have led us to the decision to introduce a brand new technology on the European market in close cooperation with our Russian partner. We believe that the modular technology will satisfy the requirements namely of those clients who are interested in log structures. It is ideal for log house lovers who do not want to wait a long time for their dream home and who wish their log house to be constructed quickly without the technological interruption, which is necessary in case of log houses built by hand from raw material. Surprisingly, the construction method utilising glued laminated (glulam) beams satisfies even the most demanding building officers. Glulam beam houses also fit better among the existing brick house development.

I believe that our company is capable of satisfying any requirement in relation to the construction of a log house, whether in terms of dimensions, the client's financial situation, selected construction technology or method. The choices offered by our company by far exceed the standards common on the European and the domestic market. I am certain that families or individuals who decide to build their home with our company will be more than satisfied with our approach, the quality of our work and services, as well as our guarantees. We build homes that inevitably become an essential part of the healthy and happy life of you and your children.

Oto Doležal, company founder

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