Glulam Beam

Modular Glulam Beam Technology

We would like to present a new type of a wooden structure, which is based on the modular technology utilising glued laminated (glulam) beams. While preserving the unique characteristics and advantages of wood, log structures built with the aid of this technology possess distinct features and properties that distinguish them from traditional log houses. Built from identical construction elements, glulam beam structures offer flat and even interior and exterior surfaces. Thus, they are an ideal alternative for clients who are not "fond" of uneven surfaces and the typical round shape of traditional solid-log houses, especially when Norwegian technology is used for their construction.

The glulam beam technology offers a wide variety of projects, ranging from small size to large and spacious houses. Clients may therefore select from a range of type houses or they may design their own custom-built house according to their specific needs and wishes. Our architects are ready to assist you in designing your dream house.

Modular Glulam Beam Technology The interior of the house in the Glulam Beam Technology