Offer for Communities

Community Building Projects

We construct public buildings for municipalities, towns, and cities. In the event of your interest, we are able to build an energy efficient structure for any purpose. Our offer includes schools, kindergartens, office and council buildings, churches, etc. Building on the extensive experience of our experts in temple and church construction, we aim to offer our services also to Czech religious congregations.

Thanks to the low heating requirements of our structures, as well as the applied state-of-the-art construction technologies, energy and cost savings are quite considerable. And with the swift progress of the construction as a result of using dry processes, the completed building may be put into operation in very short time. All our projects are as "green" as possible with minimum impact on the environment.

Church Construction

Log cabin church foundations

Construction of the log cabin church

Construction of the log cabin church 2

Construction of the log cabin church 3

Construction of the log cabin church 4

Finishing work