Projects & Pricelist

Apart from comprehensive services associated with the acquisition of a new house, i.e. the drawing-up of the project documents and the execution of the construction, we also offer the sale of individual projects or the separate processing of project documents.

Log cabin house ProjectWe provide professional consulting services covering all architectural and design aspects. The projects are developed by experts who specialise in wooden structures and have long-term expertise in this attractive field. Our company is highly experienced in the construction and design of a large variety of houses of different versions and layouts.

Our design activities comprise new houses, renovations, additions, attic reconstructions, etc.

The project documents are processed in high quality and they include all copies required for the building proceedings. We create projects and houses that almost anyone can afford.

If you are interested only in ordering project documents for a wooden structure, we are able to draw up project documents necessary for the building proceedings along with a project for the production of a custom-made structure, all for the price ranging from CZK 110,000 to 138,000. The price for securing the issue of a building permit is CZK 25,000. Furthermore, we draw up a study of the house, the price of which is CZK 38,000, and arrange a house energy efficiency appraisal, which is issued by an independent authority for CZK 7,000.

When only the rough structure is ordered, we secure the production of the log structure from the select type of timber, interior partition walls, the roof construction with thermal insulation, as well as transport to the construction site, complete assembly, preparatory works for sanitary and technical installations and mains, impregnation, sanding, and joint insulation.
For further information see Log House Standards.

If Monivet - Tajga s.r.o. is selected as the contractor, only a part of the costs is charged to the client, i.e. CZK 68,000. This amount covers the costs for the drawing up of the layout plan, geodetic plan (placement of foundation slab), visualisation, as well as the building permit fees.

With our assistance, you may become the designer of your own home. We will help you bring your dreams and ideas to life.

Log house

Log House Pricelist

Design and engineering activities  Price in CZK
Price of rough structure per square metre (depending on the technology) 11.000
Price of turnkey house per square metre (depending on the technology) 28.000
Positioning of the house on the land and connection to utility lines 18.900
Changes to the layout of the house not affecting statics and/or support structures 9.500
Changes to the layout of the house affecting statics and/or support structures 19.900
Drawing up of project documents 110.000 -
Price for securing the building permit 25.000
Price for securing the issue of a zoning and planning decision 6.500
Price for securing the final building proceedings and approval 12.000

  • We provide a discount if more houses are constructed at one location.
  • We secure engineering activities if our company is selected as the contractor.
  • The indicated prices do not include landscaping, building of foundation slab, fencing, and connection to utility lines.
  • The price for the construction of a foundation slab ranges from CZK 2,400 to 2,800 per square metre.
  • The price of a concrete tank (9.5 m3) is CZK 60,000, including installation.
  • The price for the superstructure includes heating by means of an air-to-water heat pump in combination with an electric boiler.
  • Each house is equipped with a chimney, which may be fitted with a standard fireplace or a fireplace insert (not included in the price of the house).
  • All house and construction work prices are indicated without VAT.